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The Importance of Professional Teeth Cleanings

Along with diligent brushing and flossing, professional teeth cleanings are one of the most important factors that keep your mouth healthy and sparkling clean. In Independence, MO, your dentists, Dr. Richard Mark and Dr. Jeffrey Mark, see their patients every six months for this preventive service. Read on to learn why these cleanings are so important.

What happens during a cleaning

At our office, you can expect a thorough hygienic cleaning, digital X-rays (as needed), and a complete oral exam. A cleaning removes the plaque and tartar that collects on and between teeth and at the gum line.

This residue contains harmful bacteria that eats away at tooth enamel and gum tissue, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. Both cause tooth loss, a common problem even in highly developed countries such as the United States.

So, when you come to our Independence, MO, dental office, you will sit comfortably in your hygienist's chair. She'll review your medical history and ask if you've had any dental concerns since your last visit. She'll perform a brief oral exam and note the size of your gum pockets, i.e. the spaces between your gum tissue and teeth. This measure indicates if you have any periodontal problems.

Next, your hygienist will scale your teeth with small manual instruments and as needed, ultrasonic cleaners. She'll floss and polish your teeth to a high sheen. Additionally, you will receive tips on how to keep your teeth and gums at their healthiest.

Your oral examination

Your cleaning takes about half an hour to complete. Afterward, your dentist can perform his oral exam with a clear view of your hard and soft oral tissues.

Dr. Mark checks for:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gingivitis and more advanced forms of gum disease
  • Oral cancer (a quick and comfortable visual inspection of your lips, gums, tongue, and more)
  • The condition of fillings, crowns, and other restorations already in place
  • Dental alignment
  • Jaw joint function

Your dentist will tell you the results of your exam, making recommendations for preventive services such as fluoride treatments or sealants. He'll also tell you what restorations you may need (such as fillings or crowns) and cosmetic services which could benefit your appearance (teeth whitening, for example). Your plan will be customized to your oral health and smile goals.

Prevention is best

Cleanings and exams with your Independence, MO, dentists, Dr. Richard Mark and Dr. Jeffrey Mark, ward off problems so that your smile can last. Call the office today for your six-month appointment: (816) 461-3660.

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