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  • Benefits of Professional Whitening
    Although regular brushing will help keep your teeth healthy, for many people brushing alone doesn't give them the dazzling smile they are hoping for. If your teeth are stained or Read more
  • Teeth Whitening: Ways To Lighten the Color of Your Teeth
    Brightening your smile is a path to increased confidence and overall well-being. Minor innocuous daily habits such as drinking coffee and wine can leave stains on your teeth and lead to Read more
  • How Long Do Dental Implants Last?
    Dental implants from your dentists in Independence, MO, can rebuild your smile Dental implants can last a lifetime, with proper care and maintenance. In fact, dental implants are the most successful Read more
  • How Dry Mouth Affects Oral Health
    In some cases, experiencing dry mouth goes far beyond being thirsty or a little dehydrated. Some experience chronic dry mouth, which can affect a person’s oral health. Anyone suffering from Read more
  • Protect Your Teeth From Stains
    We want that bright white smile, but unfortunately, a lot of our favorite foods and drinks can be hurting our chances of attaining it. Good dental hygiene habits are important Read more
  • Renew Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers
    Your aging appearance doesn't have to include teeth that look rough and weathered with veneers in Independence, MO. Dr. Richard Mark and Dr. Jeffrey Mark can renew your smile with Read more
  • FAQs About Crowns and Bridges
    Learn about crowns and bridges from your Independence, MO dentist. A Gallup poll found that up to a third of Americans didn’t visit the dentist’s office in the course of a Read more
  • Give Your Damaged Tooth a Second Chance
    Thanks to dental crowns, it's possible to repair and protect damaged and fragile teeth. Your Independence, MO, dentists, Dr. Richard Mark and Dr. Jeffrey Mark offer dental crowns at Mark Read more
  • The Benefits of Dental Implants
    Losing a tooth does not have to be the end of your brilliant smile. It can be replaced with a durable and dependable dental implant from your Independence dentist. Dental Read more
  • Why You Need Professional Teeth Cleanings
    Professional teeth cleaning at the Independence, MO, office of dentists Drs. Richard and Jeffrey Mark help you keep your smile healthy. Cleanings are recommended every six months for most people. But Read more
  • Create a New Smile With Dental Veneers
    Find out how dental veneers can give you a new and improved smile. Every time you look in the mirror you seem to notice all those flaws in your smile that Read more
  • How Dental Crowns Can Help Your Smile
    Do you have teeth that are poorly shaped? Do you have a tooth with decay that you would like to save? If your answer is yes, the solution you’re looking Read more
  • Don't Ignore These Signs Of Gum Disease
    Nearly half of Americans have gum disease. Know the warning signs.  Gum disease is one of the most common problems facing American adults. This disease doesn’t just cause detrimental and long-term Read more
  • Sleep Apnea and Behavioral Problems in Children: How Your Dentist Can Help
    We all know how much better we feel after a good night’s sleep: refreshed, energized and ready to handle — even excel at — our day-to-day responsibilities. Yet millions of Read more
  • Your Dentist can Help Guide you in the Best Treatment Option for Sleep Apnea
    Do you still feel tired or unfocused even after a full night’s sleep? Do others complain about your snoring? It’s possible these are signs that you may have sleep apnea. Sleep Read more

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