By Richard G. Mark DDS
November 05, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Six Month Visits  

You've probably heard that you're supposed to visit the dentist every six months. But do you know why it's important? Here are some of the services that Dr. Richard G. Mark, your Independence dentist, may provide at your twice-a-year visits:

Your dentist will clean your teeth at your visit. This is to remove plaque, which is a thin layer of bacteria that builds up over time, from your teeth. Having a dentist clean your teeth is important because even if you brush and floss very well at home, there are areas of your teeth and gums that you can't access.

Plus, plaque can over time turn into tartar--a hard substance that you can't clean off by yourself. Both plaque and tartar, if left on your teeth, can cause cavities and gum disease, leading to eventual tooth decay or loss. Therefore, it's vital that you see a dentist to remove both plaque and tartar on a regular basis.

Even if you take great care of your teeth and gums, problems can develop. And you can't always feel or detect these problems, especially when they're still at an early stage. A dentist can take x-rays to check for cavities that you didn't know existed. They will also use a special probe to check for the health of your gums. Finally, dentists will also check for swellings or sores in your mouth.

If you're experiencing gum swelling, bleeding, tooth sensitivity, or pain, your dentist will be able to examine you at the appointment and find the cause of your discomfort. If it turns out that you have any conditions, your Independence dentist can start treatment before they worsen.

Finally, be aware that six-month visits may not be enough for some patients. If you are at high risk for dental or periodontal conditions, your dentist may recommend more frequent visits in order to maintain your best possible oral health. Some high-risk groups are:

  • Patients who smoke
  • Patients already in treatment for periodontal disease
  • Patients with diabetes

If you have concerns about your visit schedule, don't hesitate to ask your dentist, who will be able to best advise you on your needs.

Ready to make that six-month appointment now? Call (816) 461-3660, or drop in to Dr. Mark's Independence dental office for a visit today!