By Richard G Mark DDS
August 18, 2016
Category: Oral Health

Ouch! Do cold drinks make your filled tooth hurt? A tooth that has just had a filling placed will be sensitive to cold drinks. Tooth sensitivitytooth painafter a filling should resolve within a few weeks. Richard G. Mark DDS is a world-class, Independence, MO dentist and he can help you get rid of the pain quickly. Here are some reasons why your filled tooth is sensitive to cold drinks.

1. Type Of Filling Material

Once the tooth is filled, you may experience tooth sensitivity due to the filling which was used. People vary in their response to different filling materials. Your dentist has no way of predicting if your teeth will react to a particular filling material. Your dentist can use a different filling material to reduce tooth sensitivity.

2. You Need a Root Canal

If the pain does not subside in a few weeks, it may indicate irreversible damage to the nerve. Persistent tooth sensitivity may indicate that root canal treatment is needed. This is a last-resort treatment for tooth sensitivity that has not been helped by other methods.

3. Leaking Dental Filling

Both composite and amalgam fillings can leak. A dental filling leaks when the side of the filling doesn't fit closely against the tooth. Saliva and debris can seep down between the tooth and the filling. This can lead to tooth sensitivity. If your filling is leaking, your dentist can replace it.

4. Referred Pain In Teeth

Do you feel pain and sensitivity in teeth that have not been filled? Sometimes a filled tooth passes along pain signals it's receiving to other teeth. This discomfort should decrease on its own in a few weeks.

Tooth sensitivity after dental treatment is very common, but nonetheless irritating. Contact Richard G. Mark DDS at 816-461-3660 if your tooth sensitivity does not subside within a few weeks. Richard G. Mark DDS is an Independence, MO dentist and he will help you get rid of tooth sensitivity once and for all!