By Richard G Mark DDS
January 07, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: brushing  

Using the best techniques will ensure that your brushing gives your smile the most effective clean possible.

How often do you think about the act of brushing your teeth? Because you’ve been doing it since you were a child you probably don’t think much about how you brush. But there is a technique to getting your teeth their cleanest even when you aren’t getting a dental brushing techniquecleaning from your Independence dentist Dr. Richard G. Mark. Learn the most important brushing steps that will really amp up your at-home routine.

Step 1

You will need to change how you hold your brush depending on what area of your teeth you are brushing. Start by brushing the outer surfaces of your teeth first at a 45-degree angle. Use short strokes across the gums and make sure that you don’t forget about those back teeth!

Step 2

Once the front portion of your teeth is clean it’s time to go on to the chewing surfaces. Hold the toothbrush flat and brush back and forth along the crown of the tooth, making sure to get into those nooks and crannies even in the back molars, where food particles and bacteria can often hide.

Step 3

Once your reach the inner surface of the teeth, turn the brush vertically and use soft up-and-down motions. Also, remember to be gentle with the gum line so you don’t damage sensitive tissue.

Step 4

Many people often forget about brushing their tongue but this is just as important as keeping the rest of your mouth clean. Sweep your toothbrush back and forth along your tongue to remove bacteria and food and to keep breath fresh.

And remember to follow up your brushing routine with some good old fashion flossing. Having the proper brushing technique is one of the best ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums. But remember that no matter whether you have questions about your oral care regime or you need to come in for a dental cleaning your Independence, MO general dentist is here for all of your dental needs. Call Dr. Mark today!