By Richard G. Mark, DDS
January 27, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Teeth WhiteningSome people opt to whiten their teeth using over the counter solutions that are available at pharmacies and discount stores. Even dollar stores offer tooth whitening products. But unfortunately many patients do not see the same results from OTC solutions that they would receive at a dentist’s office. Check out these advantages of in-office whitening at the Independence cosmetic dentistry office of Richard G. Mark DDS.

You Can Sit Back and Relax

When you attempt to whiten your teeth at home, you have to go through a messy situation to apply the gel, then usually stand in front of your mirror with your mouth stretched open to ensure that it works. You may worry about whether you’re doing it right for effective whitening. But when you go to the dentist’s office for a whitening session, you have a minute to lay back and let someone else do all the work. The dentist has all of the necessary tools to ensure a comfortable experience.

Quick Results

Many at-home whitening kits require weeks to take effect. You must keep a schedule to ensure that you apply the whitening each day or week as instructed. An in-office whitening with cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark in Independence takes about an hour or so. You’re in and then you’re on your way with no need to worry about taking further action to keep your smile bright.

Little to No Irritation

Many people don’t know that they are allergic or sensitive to some whitening products. When you get your teeth whitened in-office, your dentist can ensure that your gums, lips and cheeks are protected from irritation. When you go in for your whitening appointment, the dentist can perform a test to figure out how sensitive you may be to certain gels and adjust the treatment as needed.

Opt for In-Office Whitening by Dr. Mark

If you’re not currently pleased with the color of your teeth and want fast, effective whitening results, contact the Independence cosmetic dentistry office of Dr. Mark today for an appointment. You can reach the office via phone at (816) 461-3660 or by visiting the practice’s website (make an “Appointment Request” online).

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